Wellington BJ877


                                                                                      Benny and our friend Bob Frost

Wellington BJ877

150 Squadron RAF


16-17 September 1942

Operation Essen

Hit by Flak/Night Fighter and crashed * (under ivestigation)

All crew survived

 Airborne 2035 16Sep42 from Snaith. Hit by Flak at 16,000 feet which knocked out the port engine. Shortly afterwards the starboard engine began to malfunction and the aircraft was abandoned SSE of Diest (Brabant), Belgium. Sgt W.S.O.Randle Evd Sgt W.Brazill Evd Sgt N.M.Graham RCAF PoW F/S W.W.Dreschsler RCAF Evd Sgt R.Frost Evd Sgt D.C.Mounts Evd Sgt N.M.Graham was interned in Camps 8B/344, PoW No.27166. ”

Thanks to the help of all the researchers especially Bart Beckers an Johnny Janse,we are closing in on the crash site.

We hope to take Bob with us in the week of 15-19 October,we now know that the Wellington was hit by  Nightfigther Oblt. Barte (thanks to Wim Govaerts we have the first 3 pages from his report). We are also in contact with Christiaan Vanhee who has more documents from Oblt. Barte on this crash.

Special thanks to Sgt Robert “Bob ” Frost survivor of “Z for Zebra” 

Snaith 2011                                                               Waanrode 2012                     

Print by my friend Tim Wilmsen                           Postcard of BJ877


Photo of the crash site taken by Oblt. W. Barte on 17/09/’42 (photo by C. Vanhee) and  2012


Service dress from Bob Frost donated by Bob to Planehunters (see wounded bar on left sleeve). The right photo is Bob on his wedding day .We are very proud to ad this to our collection.


Benny Ceulaers

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