Wellington BJ831

Memorial on the crashsite (photo B. Ceulaers)


150 SQN.

Serial Range BJ818 – BJ847. 30 Wellington Mk.111. Part of a batch of 600 Wellington Mk.111. BJ581-BJ625; BJ642-BJ675; BJ688-BJ730; BJ753-BJ801; BJ818-BJ847; BJ876-BJ922; BJ958-BJ951; BK123-BK166; BK179-BK214; BK234-BK281; BK295-BK315; BK330-BK368; BK385-BK408; BK426-BK471; BK489-BK517; BK534-BK564 600 Mk.111 delivered by Vickers (Chester) between May42 and Dec42. BJ831 was one of three No.150 Sqdn Wellingtons lost on this operation.  Airborne 2101 24Aug42 from Snaith.

Hit by Flak over the target, wounding Sgt Matthews. Homebound, shot down by a night-fighter Fw Fritz Shellwat 5./NJG1 and crashed in a field near the hamlets of Kersbeek and Miskom (Brabant), some11 kmNNE of Tienen,Belgium. Those killed in the crash are buried in Kersbeek-Miskom Churchyard. Sgt Magenis is buried in theBerlin1939-45WarCemetery, after collapsing with dysentry while being force-marched 3Mar45. F/S H.M.Thompson RNZAF KIA Sgt L.S.Magenis PoW Sgt B.H.Glasse PoW Sgt N.C.Holdaway RAAF KIA Sgt K.L.Matthews KIA Sgt B.H.Glasse was interned in Camps 8B/344, PoW No.27141. Died 9Mar45 on The Forced March. No known grave. Sgt L.S.Magenis also in Camps 8B/344, PoW No.27032, also died of dysentry on The Forced March, 3Mar45. ”

Graves at the Kersbeek-Miskom Churchyard (Photo B. Ceulaers)

Every year the people of Kersbeek-Miskom are holding a remembrance day for this crew,see the link below


pdf file with more  photo’s  Wellington BJ831 pdf file



Benny Ceulaers

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