The Plane Hunters Crew

Benny Ceulaers

Founder,chairman,research ,detecting  tel. +32476 94 63 27  (Contact Belgian crash sites)

Thijs Hellings

Vice Chairman,research ,detecting

Steven Volckaerts

Research ,allrounder.

Bart Beckers

Research , detecting ,allrounder


Joop Hendrix

Section Leader PH Holland   Research, detecting   +31492/771091   ( Contact Holland crash sites)

Jaimy “James” Breeze


Kris Vanturnhout

Detecting ,allrounder

Mark “Max” Verwimp


Bernard Ploegmakers

Restoration ,allrounder

Sjaak Veth



Marcel Hermes


Gino Van Lommel

Research , detecting, V1 and V2 specialist

Kris Reumers

Research ,allrounder ,Bodenplatte expert

Jef Pets

Photo’s, allrounder

Benjamin ” Ben” Cleynen

Allrounder, detecting

Jean-Pierre ” J-P” Wuyts

Research , detecting

Luc Meyvis

Research, allrounder

Joëlle Lievens

Research , detecting , allrounder

Dirk De Coster

Geologist, hydrogeologist , geophysicist, expert soil remediation

Hub Achten +



Jan  Jacobs+

Detecting , research


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