Stop watch returns home

Stopwatch returns home after 71 years


Last weekend we had the visit of Simon and Catherine, they are family of P/O J Houlston who died in the crash of Halifax HR839.

It was a very emotional day I took them to visit the graves of the crew at Schoonselhof cemetery ,we also went to see the memorial and the crash site of HR839

When we did the research for this project one of the eyewitnesses gave me a stopwatch that he stole out of the crashed plane. It was broken but still he kept it for all these years. He gave the watch to me and when I opened it I saw the name Houlston engraved in it. This was just unbelievable .


And now after 71 years the watch returned home  to England, I also made a frame with some parts that we found  including a part of the radio that was used by the wireless op. P/O Houlston


Thank you Simon and Catherine for this wonderful day and we will see you at the reunion in Snaith

Regards Benny

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