Spitfire MJ558


Spitfire MJ558                                                  W/O Arnost Mrtvy

313 Squadron RAF


19 April 1944

Operation bomber support Mechelen

Shot down by Hptm Wolfgang Neu JG26 (+22/04/1944) and crashed at Herentals

W/O Arnost Mrtvy KIA

Eyewitness told me that they have seen Mrtvy’s parachute being shot to pieces by German Flak unit.The plane crashed into a field at Wolfstee (Herentals). We found the crashsite April 19   2007 (63 years after the crash).

You can find the PDF of the crash report here

Mrtvy crash report1

We recovered 2 Brownings ,a lot cockpit and engine parts.Some of the parts are donated to Mrtvy’s home town.


parts from MJ558 and we even found the code tabel in the cockpit




 Spitfire MJ558



Special thanks to Jiri Trojan for his research and the landowner to let us dig in his garden



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