P-51 K “Bloody but Unbowed”

P-51 K-10 44-12093

402nd FS  370 FG

9th Air Force


Capt. Clark C. “Cush”  Fitts 

onderzoeksverslag NR 29 Mustang Gierle

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Some of the pilots of 402FS sitting in front of the entrance to the BOQ at Andover. The picture, taken in early July 1944 shows a mix of “original” pilots and replacements.
The pilots are (back row left to right): Lt. William Osborne, Lt. Ian MacKenzie, Lt. Richard Lesselyong (killed upstairs in the BOQ on 7-11-44 when a live 20mm round that he kept on the marble mantle piece fell off and into the fire detonating and striking him in the forehead), Lt. Edward Weber (KIA 7-8-44), Lt. James Ward, Captain Gordon Roberts (Exec Officer), Lt. Virgil Mary (KIA over Sanborne 7-17-44), Lt. Albert Rovner (Comm Officer), Lt. Glenn Smeltzer (Arm Officer), Lt. Harry Marshall.
Front row- (left to right): Lt. Michael Stefanchick, Lt. Cyril B. Coenen (holding “High Ball” the Scottish Terrier), Major Joel Owens. Behind Major Owens are brothers Lt. John Stevens (KIA on 7-17-44 along with Virgil Mary in a mid air collision over Sanborne) and Lt. Harry Stevens. Next to Major Owens are Lt. Oscar Carlson, Lt. Mel Clark, Lt Clark Fitts (in front of Mel), Lt. Marshall Post and Lt. Ray Clark.
Benny Ceulaers
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