Mosquito MM705




Mosquito MM705

219 Sqn.

26/27 -12 -1944


Crash report from “Nachtjagd War Diaries”:

A Junkers 88 of 6./NJG2, flown by Hauptman Kamsties, had
successfully completed a series of ground-strafing runs in the
Leuven area, central Belgium, when it was engaged by a 219 sqn
Under a clear, moonlit sky, a fierce dogfight developed. At one
stage Kamsties’ bordfunker saw the mosquito pilot apparently
pulling out pf a dive too late and the aircraft crashed in a ball of
fire at Holsbeek with the loss of the two-man crew.

S/Ldr Derrick Lang Ryalls  32 years  KIA

F/Lt John Braeton Hampson 28 years  KIA

(In the near future there will be a memorial on the crash site)


Crash site investigation by Benny C. ,Steven V.,Mark V.,Bart B.,Joop H.

Research by  Steven Volckaerts,Peter Celis

Special thanks to Bart Beckers for helping us on the crashsite




Regards Benny Ceulaers

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