Lancaster NN775


Lancaster Mk I

Serial : NN775

Markings : A2-F

Mission : Gelsenkirchen

Date : 05/03/1945 Glabbeek



On the 5th March 1945, Lancaster NN775 took off from RAF Waterbeach at 1035 hours,

detailed for a G-H attack on the Consolidation benzol plant at Gelsenkirchen, Germany.

The aircraft took off carrying 1 x 4000lb HG, and 12 x 500 ANG4, plus 1700 gallons of

petrol sufficient for 8 hours flying, with the trip anticipated to take five and a quarter

hours. Nothing was heard from the aircraft after take off and it failed to return to base.

Crash site located in Glabbeek Belgium


RAF FO Kerr, H G S Captain (Pilot)

RAF Sgt W Marsden, (Flight Engineer)

RAF Flt Sgt G Smith, (Navigator)

RAF Sgt F Clarke, (Air Bomber)

RAAF Flt Sgt A Olsen, Wireless Air Gunner)

RAF Sgt C G Hogg, (Mid Upper Gunner)

RAF Sgt H P Thomas, (Rear Gunner)


All the crew lost their lives and are buried in the Heverlee War Cemetery, Belgium.

Heverlee War Cemetery is located 30kms from Brussels and is 3kms south of Leuven.

Excavation of the crash site took place on 11/12/13 November 2016 ,see also

 Benny (planehunters) and Wim (Bahaat) cleaning up the Merlins

 serial nr painted on this part NN77(5)

Special thanks to the families of the crew for providing photo’s and documents.

Special thanks again to 51 Sqn, History Society

Special thanks to the archeologists team, the BAHAAT team and the town of Glabbeek for the wonderfull cooperation


Regards Benny

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