Lancaster ME846

 Lancaster ME846

619 Squadron


21/22 June 1944

Mission Wesseling

“Serial Range ME554 – ME868 This aircraft was one of 250 Lancasters ordered from Metro-Vick May42 and delivered from Nov43 to Jun44 with Merlin 22 engines initially installed up to ME639 and Merlin 24 engines from ME640 except for ME668-9 with Merlin 22 engines. ME846 was delivered to No.619 Sqdn 11 Jun 44 Lost on its first Key Operation with a total 8 recorded hours. ME846 was one of six No.619 Sqdn Lancasters lost on this operation. See: LL808; LL977; ED859; ND986; NE151. Airborne 2301 21 Jun 44 from Dunholme Lodge. Cause of loss ,Nightfighter (Hptm von Bonin). 20 year old P/O Davis is commemorated on Panel 211 of the Runnymede Memorial. His two 19 year old Air Gunners are buried in Schoonselhof Cemetery, Antwerpen having been brought here fromDeurne. P/O M.A.H.Davis KIA Sgt W.D.Belshaw PoW F/S L.E.J.Taylor PoW F/S P.E.Knox RAAF PoW Sgt T.A.Newberry PoW Sgt G.H.Moggridge KIA F/S J.E.R Bowering RCAF KIA Sgt W.D.Belshaw initially evaded until captured in Antwerp 10Jul44, he was then interned in Camp L7. PoW No.381 with Sgt T.A.Newberry, PoW No.317 and F/S L.E.J.Taylor, PoW No.282. ”

In 2011 we started this project together with the BAHAAT team. We made a thorough investigation of the crash site in 2013

Sadly we could not find the remains of P/O Davis, the only things we found were a parachute hook,  quick release and one half of the armoured plate from the pilots seat .

The plane came down with the bombs still onboard. The brave Pilot P/O Davis stayed behind his steering wheel to let some of his crewmen jump. He will be remembered  forever on the Runnymede Memorial.



Some of the parts that we found will be donated to the Newark Air museum




Special thanks to the BAHAAT team to let us participate in this investigation



See the attached file for more information (in Dutch)

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Benny Ceulaers




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