Lancaster LM115

Lancaster LM115

57 Squadron RAF


21-22 June 1944

Operation Wesseling

Hit by Nightfighter and crashed at Oud -Turnhout.

¬†Airborne 2306 21Jun44 from East Kirkby. Crashed at Oud Turnhout (Antwerpen), 3 km E of Turnhout. Those killed were initially buried in Antwerpen-Deurne. They have been subsequently re-interred in the Schoonselhof Cemetery. F/O A.F Bayley KIA Sgt R.Heasman PoW F/O J.R.Maunsell Evd F/S A.D.Naysmith PoW W/O T.F.Beecher RAAF KIA Sgt V.L.Marshall RCAF PoW Sgt J.H.Donovan KIA Sgt R.Heasman was interned in Camp L7, PoW No.301 with Sgt V.L.Marshall, PoW No.310. F/S A.D.Naysmith initially evaded until captured 28Jun44 and interned in Camp L7. No PoW No. Escaped to the Russian Lines from L7. UK 19Mar45 via Odessa. ”

John Maunsel Story

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Special thanks to Hubert Michiels and Jhonny Bastiaansen


Benny Ceulaers

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