Lancaster JA855

Lancaster JA855




103 SQN


Elsham Wolds




25/26 July 1943


Crew: S/L Carpenter             RAFVR  POW

           Fl/Sgt. Archer              RAFVR  KIA

           Sgt. Tate                       RAFVR  KIA

           Sgt. Newbolt                RAFVR  KIA

           Sgt. Thornton               RAFVR  KIA

           P/O. Cooper                  RAAF     KIA

           Sgt.Brazil                       RAFVR     POW

           Sgt. Bucklitsch              RAFVR  POW

“Serial Range JA672 – JB748 This aircraft was one of 550 Lancasters ordered from A.V.Roe (Chadderton) late in 1941 and delivered as Mk.111s from Jun43 to Dec43 with Merlin 28 engines initially installed in early production, Merlin 28 or 38 engines in mid-production, and Merlin 38 engines only on late production. JA855 was delivered to No.103 Sqdn 8Jul43. JA855 also took part in the Key Operations againstTurin12/13Jul43 andHamburg24/25Jul43. When lost this aircraft had a total of 37 hours. JA855 was one of two No.103 Sqdn Lancasters lost on this operation. See: ED884 Airborne 2157 25Jul43 from Elsham Wolds. Shot down from22,000 feetby a night-fighter (Maj Werner Streib, 1./NJG1) and crashed 0046 26Jul43 onto Cleefswit Estate at Elsendorp (Noord Brabant),14 kmSE of Uden. Those killed are buried inEindhoven(Woensel)GeneralCemetery. S/L G.R.Carpenter PoW F/S K.Archer (P2) KIA Sgt K.C.Tate KIA P/O J.A.B.Cooper RAAF KIA Sgt J.M.Bucklitsch PoW Sgt J.L.Brazil PoW Sgt J.H.Thornton KIA Sgt G.H.Newbolt KIA S/L G.R.Carpenter was interned in Camp. L3.PoW No.3439. Sgt J.L.Brazil inCamp4B. PoW No.222670, together with his crew- mate Sgt J.M.Bucklitsch. PoW No.222400. ‘AirBattleof theRuhr’, A.Cooper, records Sgt J.H.Thornton as Sgt J.H.Thorton. ”

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