Halifax LV783

Halifax LV783

51 Squadron RAF


27-28 April 1944

Operation Montzen,. LV783 was one of three 51 Sqdn Halifaxes lost on this operation. Airborne 2341 27Apr44 to attack the railway yards. Cause of loss not established. Crashed at (can not be revealed yet) ,. Those killed were originally taken to St-Truiden for burial. Their graves are now located in the Heverlee War Cemetery. Three, Sgt Thomas, Sgt Hastie and Sgt Coughlan were only 19 years of age. Sgt P.Keenan KIA Sgt J.H.Thomas KIA F/O R.P.McKean RCAf Evd F/S E.F.Sheehan RCAF KIA Sgt F.C.Brown KIA Sgt E.H.Hastie KIA sgt L.Coughlan KIA ”

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