Halifax LL584

Halifax LL584

578 Squadron RAF

11 September 1944

Hit by Flak and crashed at Gierle

Airborne 1549 11Sep44 from Burn. Engaged by small arms fire, losing the use of the port engines. Abandoned at 4,000 feet 15 km ENE of Antwerpen, Belgium. W/O Wood was captured while attempting to evade but before his captors could transfer him to Germany, they themselves were made prisoner by the rapidly advancing Allied Army. On his return, W/O Wood was posted to Riccall. W/O D.L.Wood Evd Sgt E.O.Williams Evd F/S S.T.Sloane RAAF Evd Sgt R.G.Dickerson Evd F/S G.J.Woodgate Evd Sgt J.W.Archer PoW Sgt D.Cooper Evd Sgt J.W.Archer was interned in Camp L7. PoW No.881. ”

Special thanks to Luc Cox


Benny Ceulaers

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