Halifax JN920







22/23 OCTOBER 1943


RAF Snaith ,22 October 1943,17.55 hours the Halifax JN920 takes of to bomb the industrial town of Kassel

Hit by flak over Holland the crippled plane burning violently.

Eyewitnesses talking about the crash many years later still remembers the burning plane circling the town.


A few minutes later the plane crashed in a forest with  a enormous explosion , killing the seven brave young men.


Flt./Sgt.  C.E. Hall            Pilot               RCAF

Sgt. G.H. Bennett             Navigator       RAF

Sgt. R.S. Sitch                  Wireless Op.  RAF

Sgt. J.C. Cowie                 Air Gunner    RAF

Sgt. T.V. Lewis                Air Gunner    RAF

Sgt. M.S. Williams           Flight En.      RAF

Sgt. E. Parker                   Bomb Aimer  RAF  


The following morning the Germans sealed of the crash site.


In 1998 members of the Wings Museum did a recovery on the crash site (check http://www.wingsmuseum.co.uk/halifax_jn920_memorial.htm )


In 2010 the Planehunters visited the crash site , the landowner gave his permission to search the crater edge and we found some nice pieces just at the surface .

Bomb clamp and incendairy parts

Typical Halifax saxaphone exhaust for the Merlin engine


Special thanks to Neil Smith and Peter “Pete” Gulliver from 51 History Team

Researchers : Luc Cox, the East Surry Aviation Group at the Wings Museum

Eyewitness reports: Herman Wijgerde (who put a model of a Halifax next to the memorial)

The Landowners who let us investigate this 51 Sqn. crash site.

Thijs Hellings for his hard work and a fresh Duvel.

For photo’s use this link




Benny Ceulaers

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