Halifax JD261


Halifax JD261

51 Squadron


25/26 May 1943

Mission Gelsenkirchen

“Serial Range JD244 – JD278. 35 Halifax Mk.11. Part of a batch of 350 HP59 Halifax Mk.11. JB781-JB806; JB834- JB875; JB892-JB931; JB956-JB974; JD105-JD128; JD143-JD180; JD198- JD218; JD244-JD278; JD296-JD333; JD361-JD386; JD405-JD421; JD453- JD476. JD212mwas used in rocket projectile experiments. JD300 was fitted with a.5 inchventral gun position. Delivered by English Electric Co. (Salmesbury & Preston) between 8Jun43 to 23Jul43. JD261 was one of two 51 Sqdn Halifaxes lost on this operation. See: HR731. Airborne 2340 25Jun43. Shot down by a night-fighter (Maj G_nter Radusch, 1./NJG1) and crashed 01581 kmE of Wanroij (Noord Brabant) on land belonging to a Mr Nabuurs,11 kmE of Uden.Holland. Six are buried inEindhoven(Woensel)GeneralCemetery; Sgt wood RCAF is buried in theCanadianWarCemeteryat Groesbeek. F/O D.H.V.Davis KIA Sgt J.Roberts KIA Sgt A.H.Hawes KIA F/O D.G.House KIA Sgt A.D.McFarlane KIA Sgt a.W.Fairmaner KIA Sgt K.R.Wood RCAF KIA ‘Air Battle of the Ruhr’, A.Cooper, records F/O D.H.V.Davis as F/O D.H.V.Davie, Sgt A.H.Hawes as Sgt A.H.Haws, Sgt D.G.House as Sgt D.G.Howse, Sgt A.W.Fairmaner as Sgt A.W.Fairmannel and Sgt K.R.Wood is replaced by Sgt A.M.Sanders. ”



Investigation by Joop Hendrix/ Thijs Hellings/ 51 Squadron History Society



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