Halifax JD244

Halifax JD244

51 Squadron RAF


21-21 June 1943

. Airborne 0011 22Jun43 from Snaith. Hit by Flak over the target and was so badly damaged that a return to base was impossible. Crash- landed in a heavily wooded area near Balen-Neet (Antwerpen), 4 km SE of Moi, Belgium. Sgt F.J.H.Heathfield PoW Sgt D.G.Keane PoW P/O H.J.Dothie PoW Sgt W.A.Poulton PoW Sgt W.C.Beresford PoW Sgt R.H.Masters RCAF PoW Sgt R.Cooper PoW Sgt W.C.Beresford was interned in Camps L6/L4. PoW No.69. Sgt R.Cooper in Camps L6/357, PoW No.100 with Sgt D.G.Keane, PoW No.184. P/O H.J.Dothie in Camp L3, PoW No.1650. Sgt F.J.H.Heathfield initially evaded until captured 7Aug43 and interned in Camp 4B, PoW No.222714 Sgt R.H.Masters initially evaded until captured Besancon, 23Dec43. and interned in Camps L6/L4/357, PoW No.1473. Thought to be American. Sgt W.A.Poulton initially evaded until betrayed to the Gestapo in Antwerp 16Aug44. No PoW No. To UK via Odessa 8May45. ‘Air Battle of the Ruhr’, A.Cooper, records P/O H.J.Dothie as F/O Duthie. ”

crew JD244

cockpit light part

Visit of the Poulton family

Bram is donating some parts to the Poulton family

Frame from Bram Dierckx

Special thanks to Bram Dierckx for his research,and for contacting Planehunters

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