Halifax JB806

Halifax JB806

51 Squadron


12-12 May 1943

Operation Duisburg.Airborne 2357 12May43 from Snaith. Damaged by Flak and then shot down by a night-fighter,(Lt Beier, Lt Sch_n, Hptm.Liedke and Ofw Eikmeir, all of 1./NJG1 claimed a Halifax shot down on this night. In all, this Nachtjagd Unit, operating from Venlo, claimed twelve RAF bombers shot down on this night) crashing 0218 at Weelde Station (Antwerpen) 8 km N of Turnhout, Belgium, practically astride the Dutch border. Tragically, the bomber fell on a local bakery, killing the owner’s wife and daughter. Sgt B.Brown RAAF PoW Sgt A.L.G.Knight PoW Sgt W.B.Henderson PoW Sgt J.D.A.M.Rae PoW Sgt K.A.Goodchild PoW Sgt W.E.North-Lewis PoW Sgt P.L.M.D.De Bourbon RCAF PoW Sgt B.Brown was interned in Camps L1/L6/L4. PoW No.1170 and Sgt J.D.A.M.Rae, PoW No.1266 Sgt P.L.M.De Bourbon in Camp 4B, PoW No.1277. Sgt K.A.Goodchild in Camps L6/L4, PoW No.319 with Sgt W.B.Henderson, PoW No.11 and Sgt A.L.G.Knight, PoW No.327. Ssgt W.E.North-Lewis in Camp L1, PoW No.1193.

Special thanks to Stefan Vantichelt


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