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Halifax MZ575

Halifax Mk.III MZ575 76 Squadron MP-W Operation Hasselt  12/12 May 1944 Airborne 2225 12May44 from Holme-on-Spalding Moor to attack the railway yards. Shot down by a night-fighter ,Oblt Tober, 111./NJG2,( . With the combat taking place at 3,800 mtrs. time: … Continue reading

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Mosquito MM705

      Mosquito MM705 219 Sqn. 26/27 -12 -1944 Holsbeek Crash report from “Nachtjagd War Diaries”: A Junkers 88 of 6./NJG2, flown by Hauptman Kamsties, had successfully completed a series of ground-strafing runs in the Leuven area, central Belgium, … Continue reading

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Lancaster ME846

 Lancaster ME846 619 Squadron PG-C 21/22 June 1944 Mission Wesseling “Serial Range ME554 – ME868 This aircraft was one of 250 Lancasters ordered from Metro-Vick May42 and delivered from Nov43 to Jun44 with Merlin 22 engines initially installed up to … Continue reading

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Messerschmitt 109G-14

Bf 109G-14  Werk nr. 464162 10./JG3 01/01/1945 ” Bodenplatte” (Eindhoven airfield) Lt. Hans Ulrich Jung K.I.A. See the pdf file for more information and photo’s Pdf report by Joop Hendrix messerschmitt-109g     Photo’s Investigation by Joop Hendrix,Marcel Hermes,Thijs … Continue reading

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Halifax JD261

  Halifax JD261 51 Squadron MH-J 25/26 May 1943 Mission Gelsenkirchen “Serial Range JD244 – JD278. 35 Halifax Mk.11. Part of a batch of 350 HP59 Halifax Mk.11. JB781-JB806; JB834- JB875; JB892-JB931; JB956-JB974; JD105-JD128; JD143-JD180; JD198- JD218; JD244-JD278; JD296-JD333; JD361-JD386; … Continue reading

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Halifax MZ623

Halifax MZ623 76 Squadron MP-P 24/25 May 1944 Mission Aachen “Serial range MZ617 – MZ660. 44 Halifax Mk.111. Part of a batch of 360 HP61 Halifax Mk.B111. MZ500-MZ544; MZ556- MZ604; MZ617-MZ660; MZ672-MZ717; MZ730-MZ775; MZ787-MZ831; MZ844- MZ883; MZ895-MZ939. Delivered by English … Continue reading

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Stirling BK810

     STIRLING  BK810  75(NZ) SQN.  AA-G  22/23 JUNE 1943  Stirling BK810 took off from Newmarket at 23.47 h. on operation to Mulheim.Four aircraft of 75(NZ) Sqn. would not return that night. Records tell us that the plane came down … Continue reading

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Whitley Z6569

   Whitley Z6569 51 Squadron RAF MH-S 18/19-08-1941 T/o  21.51h  Dishforth.  Mission Colonge Shot down by a night fighter (Oblt Hermann Reese 2./NJG1) ,which fatally wounded Sgt Evetts,and crashed near Vliermaalroot 9 Km  SE of Hasselt,Belgium. Sgt Evetts is buried in the Canadian … Continue reading

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Lancaster R5610

 R5610 Serialnr : R5610   OL-G Squadron : 83 Mission : Frankfurt 24-54/08/1942     “Serial range R5482 – R5763 This aircraft was one of 200 Manchesters ordered from A.V.Roe (Manchester) Sep39 and built as Lancaster Mk.1 and delivered from Feb42 … Continue reading

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Wellington BJ831

Memorial on the crashsite (photo B. Ceulaers) JN-? 150 SQN. Serial Range BJ818 – BJ847. 30 Wellington Mk.111. Part of a batch of 600 Wellington Mk.111. BJ581-BJ625; BJ642-BJ675; BJ688-BJ730; BJ753-BJ801; BJ818-BJ847; BJ876-BJ922; BJ958-BJ951; BK123-BK166; BK179-BK214; BK234-BK281; BK295-BK315; BK330-BK368; BK385-BK408; BK426-BK471; … Continue reading

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