“The Planehunters Recovery Team” is a team that does research and detects, then recovers, crashed planes from World War II.  We are a team of volunteers who are interested in the Air Forces that circled Belgium and Holland during the War (between 1940-45).

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Since January 2008, we have been acknowledged by the Flemish Government.

Since May 2011, we have been officially working in conjunction with the RAF 51 Squadron History Society to search for RAF 51 Squadron and 150 Squadron crash sites in both Belgium and Holland.

Our Headquarters are located in Herentals , Belgium.  As a result of our region being a starting point for many of the attacks on Germany, it is hardly surprising that many planes crashed in this area.  It is one of our stated aims to obtain as much information as possible about the crashed aircrafts we research, search for, detect and excavate.

We try to obtain and pass on to the family members of the unfortunate plane crashes that we document to the best of our ability details of the location and circumstances in which the crashes may have occurred.  Those visiting our website may notice that there are no precise details of the locations of the crash sites we have so far discovered.  This is because we are aware that there are “treasure-hunters” watching our website, who will try to search for crash sites and try to find some of the relics so that they can sell them for profit.  All of our records are made available for family members and acknowledged researchers.  We are very interested in all information regarding the origins of crashed aircraft and the nationalities of those who flew in them.

It could happen that we find  human remains at the crash sites we excavate, we work very hard to ensure that those remains are treated with dignity and proper respect.  In April of 2011 we had a reburial at the Schoonselhof Cemetery from the crew of Halifax HR839 and in April 2017 we had a reburial for the crew of Lancaster NN775 at Heverlee Cemetery

Take a look at the documentary that Discovery Channel made about the search for Lancaster ND700


You tube movie about the expo of Lancaster NN775



Any information in respect of crashed aircraft is always welcome.

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 Crew of NN775


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Benny Ceulaers

Chairman Planehunters Recoveryteam

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